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If you want to grow your business, you need to be partnered with the right technology provider. If not, you are leaving potential clients to be found by your competitors. We utilize the latest technologies so your business gets in front of the clients NEEDING your services.

Our marketing services at Electric Demands Management are designed, tested, and proven to make it easy for electricians to scale their marketing efforts and increase appointment booking. Our programs allow your business to get back to focusing on creating more revenue.

We know what works, what doesn't, and which marketing strategies deliver the best results when it comes to increasing revenue for the electrical industry.



Our strategies and marketing funnels are designed to get our electrical business owners in front of the right customers in their geographical area.


Our marketing services for electrical business owners are built to convert leads into customers, and those that don't convert to stay connected with them to get them to book appointments.


Want to watch the money PILE UP? The systems we operate will allow your electrical business to be engaged and built to create long term relationships with your customers.



Electric Demands Management


Why work with Electric Demands Management?

Electric Demands Management prides itself on providing quality, honest and affordable services to our clients. We make sure you know what to expect up front, and strive to create the right plan to make your electrical business grow. We are not about selling you recycled leads, or pushing outdated methods. Our company won't lock you into a three month contract before you even see a penny of return on investment. Electric Demands Management is not just another "supplier".

The truth of the matter is a successful business needs more than just leads, it needs a SYSTEM. A system that brings in Exclusive and Qualified appointments. It will provide you FULL CONTROL so you can slow things down when you are swamped with work and pick it up if things get slow again. You will never chase leads again because these potential clients will schedule automatically. These prospects will be converted into pre-qualified, exclusive ELECTRICAL CUSTOMERS! If you have appointments that don't close, there is a automatic follow up-your very own 24/7 sales machine.

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